Niramay Yog Chikitsa Kendra

Since 2004, Dr. Kedar Pargaonkar and Dr. (Mrs.) Asmita Pargaonkar have successfully treated more than 15,000 patients at their prestigious institute Niramaya Yog Chikitsa Kendra, in Pune. Experts at their institute offer Medical Yoga, Power Yoga with rejuvenating treatments like Naturopathy, Therapeutic Meditation, Astrology, Mantra Therapy, Agnihotra Chikitsa, Diet counselling, Ayurveda, Yoga Shuddhikriya, Accupressure and Massage.

The Pargaonkars studied under the strict tutelage of Dr Karandikar, a direct disciple of legendary Yoga teacher B K S Iyengar. After graduating from the Kabir Baug Math Sanstha, run by Dr Karandikar, the young couple underwent extensive training in Iyengar Yoga Therapy and did painstaking research in human sciences. Since last 15 years, Dr Kedar and Dr Asmita Pargaonkar have been running their own institute, Niyamaya Yog Chikitsa Kendra, successfully in Pune.

Therapies / Treatments

Yogasana Upchar(Posture Therapy)

Various items such as Bolsters, Pillows, Bed-sheets, Benches, Ropes, Belts etc. are used during this system of treatment to enable the patients to perform various Asanas.Read More


Pranayam Upchar(Breathing Therapy)

With the study of breathing techniques, as have been explained in the old books, more than 30 to 40 techniques of breathing are followed in this method of treatment.Read More

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Dhyan Upchar(Meditation Therapy)

More than hundred methods / techniques of Meditation are followed in treating the patients under this therapy. Not only this, special classes with specified timings, are held for the benefit of the patients.Read More

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Aahar Upchar(Diet Therapy or Dietetics)

Absence of proper and nutritious diet cannot help a patient to remain healthy for a long time. Therefore, after studying the dietary habits of a patient, a suitable Yog-based and disease-curing dietary treatment is suggested to the patient under this method.Read More

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Yogic Shuddhi Kriya (Purification / cleansing of the body through Yog or Detox)

By following & performing various Asanas (body – postures) and Pranayam (breathing techniques), the intestines and the blood in the body can be purified.

Therefore, after a thorough examination of the patient and the intensity of the ailment from which the patient is suffering, a suitable method for purification of the intestine & the blood, is suggested under this method. This helps the patient to become healthy and free from the ailment he is suffering from.Read More

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Herbal Medicines

It has been observed that very often human body doesn’t need medicines consisting of high-powered drugs,but nonetheless the patient continues to take such medicines.
Therefore use of homemade medicines from herbs as well as simple and regulated lifestyle is recommended to the patient to get free from the ailment.Read More

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Ayurvedic Medicines

The Ayurvedic Treatment Experts available at the Kendra, have to, at times, treat the patients for a longer duration in order to enable the patient to get rid of the ailment he is suffering from, for ever.

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Where an ailment has become too chronic and/or a patient has become too nervous, he is advised to undergo Panchkarma treatment which involves Nasya, Vaman, Virechan, Basti, Rakta Mokshan.

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Nabhi Santulan Kriya (Body Balancing Process)

The most important part of the human body is navel. The whole body becomes ailment-free on achieving Navel balance. Many a Psychological disorders are also cured through this Navel-balancing act.

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Shakti Yog (Power Yog)

The Kendra holds batches for Shakti Yog for treatment of Diabetes, stress, high cholesterol etc. Shakti Yog is aimed at treatment of body, mind, intellect, soul etc. Various body postures like Surya Namaskar, Pranayam techniques are performed by the patients to become free from ailment. These batches have become quite popular.

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Acupressure Treatment (SUJOK Acupressure)

In SUJOK Acupressure Therapy, magnetic pressure is applied on various points in the patient’s body in order to treat the patient. This is an effective and a proven one method of treatment.

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At the Kendra make use of various kinds of herbal oils, while massaging the body of the patient. This treatment releases the pressure and helps circulation of the blood.

Accumassage, Circulation massage, Circular massage are a few kinds of massage followed in Massage Therapy.

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Relaxation Techniques

A Relaxation Room has been set-up at the Kendra, where various types of vibrators, machines & electrical equipments are used for venial purification etc. 10 – 15 minutes stay in the Relaxation Room makes the patient completely stress-free.

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Agnihotra Upchar (Homa Therapy)

Under the Homa Therapy, the wood – splinters are used to light up a fire in a small enclosed area on the ground or in a vessel. Various liquefied medicines are consigned to the flames during Homa. The fumes consisting of Medical properties are inhaled by the patient so that he can get rid of the ailment he is suffering from.

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Astrology & Mantra Upchar (Medical Astrology)

Under the Medical Astrology, a study of the planetary position in the horoscope of the patient is carried out to diagnose the disease, as also the likelihood of the events that may take place in the life-time of the patient.Read More

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Swasthya Sanjiwan Kriya (Health Resurrection Process)

Niramaya Yog Kendra’s ‘Swasthya Sanjiwan Kriya’ is a programme of one day and that too lasting for two and half hours only.

This is purely a Yog Programme where patients are taught how to perform various Yogic physical acts by resorting to specific body postures, breathing techniques, meditation, Omkar Sadhana (ultering of the word ‘OMKAR’ in a specified manner) to get rid of the mental tension, secreted emotions, negative thoughts, psychological disorders etc.

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02-icoBack Pain

We will not find a single person who is not having back-ache. Initially, the back-ache appears very casual; so we try to ignore it; But slowly this back-ache becomes a severe chronic back-ache.

03-icoSpine Alignment and Rejuvenation

The present fast – moving – lifestyle, malnutrition, mental stress, etc. has resulted in giving rise to the ailments like Neck-pain, Back-pain, Waist (Lumbar)-pain etc.

01-icoHathayog Training and Research Institute (Trust)

A Trust formed by Dr. Kedar Pargaonkar and his wife Dr. Asmita Pargaonkar, as main trustees; with the aim of carrying out scientific & spiritual study of the ancient Indian culture. And to conduct Diploma, Degree and certificate courses of ancient Indian Sciences such as Medical Yog, Power Yog, Diet Therapy, Acupressure Therapy, Massage Therapy, Meditation and More.

Our Experts

Dr. (Mrs.) Asmita Pargaonkar

Yog Therapist & Naturopath

D.T.R.Y., D.Y.A.N.D.
Accu-Expert, Dietician
Main Trusty – Hathayog Training and Research Institute (Trust)


Dr. Kedar Pargaonkar

Yog Therapist & Naturopath

M.D. (Spiritual Healing), D.T.R.Y., D.Y.A.N.D.Reki Grandmaster, Jyotish Alankar, Mantra Bhaskar, Homapathy Expert
Main Trusty – Hathayog Training and Research Institute (Trust)

Sujeevan Yogopchar Kendra , Karad

Dr. (Mrs.) Pradnya Garud N.D.

Naturopathy Expert,Acupressure Expert

Yog Parichay,Yog Pravesh,Yogopchar Expert, Astrologist , Rekhi Expert


Dr. Bhushan Garud N.D.

D.T.R.Y. , D.Y.A. , D.A.M.

Rekhi Grandmaster

Abhyang Mardan Expert,Acupressure Expert, Yog Ayurved Expert , Astrologist & vastu expert


  • The last 6-7 years I am suffering from “Listhesis” which means three disc of my spine in the lower back have moved. Treatment at “Niramay” by way of Yoga, Natural medicines, proper diet guidance has made by pain bearable. “Niramay” means an Institute that takes utmost care of each Sadhak (patient) with a loving personal touch. I am lucky for having enrolled here. I have found a perfect track and treatment for my suffering.

    Prachi Joglekar
  • I was taking Allopathy medicines for pain in one of my leg, at which time I suffered from immense pain in my other leg too. I became very restless. On seeing my X-Ray and MRI reports Doctors recommended I undergo an operation for the same. But Kedar Sir at “Niramay” assured me of getting well by doing exercises taught here. I did a 10 days short course of exercises alongwith Internal Body Cleansing Procedure, guidance for Diet, Natural medicine and Pranayam. Doing all of this together, I recovered very soon. Now it will be a year since my joining here. I am extremely satisfied and happy with the positive result I experienced in the last one year

    Mrs. Sarita Kulkarni
  • I am a Sadhak of Niramay Yogchikitsa Kendra for the last 8-9 years. I am suffering from very chronic disease namely Ulcerative Colitis and Bamboo Spine. Whilst taking admission to Niramay, Respected Shri Kedar Sir had mentioned that Bamboo Spine could not be cured at that stage, but the muscles can be developed, maintained and made strong enough to overcome the difficulty arising out of these diseases. He further mentioned that this can happen only when I do the exercises regularly and sincerely. This is the truth.

    Two years back I underwent a hip joint replacement operation. Due to the exercises that I was doing regularly at Niramay I could bear this operation and recover soon. Now I am on my own foot. I can walk half to one mile absolutely straight. Moreover, I am able to do my day to day routine work without being tired.

    During the period of my sickness and even today Kedar Sir, Asmita Madam and all other teachers of this Kendra have helped me increase my self confidence and given me zeal to lead a new healthy life. At this time of difficulty all of them have explained things to me nicely and also taken great care.

    Hat’s off to Niramay!

    Smt. Manik Kulkarni
  • A few months back I had a very bad pain in my neck and lower back. Slips disc and degeneration of spine was diagnosed through X-Ray and MRIs done. I was dejected. But was relaxed by the assured talk of Kedar Sir at “Niramay”. Now, after four months I have improved by 70% and feel that my pain in lower back is no more there. I thank the teachers of “Niramay” for getting Yoga done from me regularly.

    Mr. Rajesh Gundecha
  • Three years back I started suffering from knee pain. Visits to Orthopedic surgeon followed by medicines became a regular feature. The pain would temporarily stop with the medicines and once these tablets were stopped the pain would recur. Due to this I became stressed and anxious. But, positive remedy at “Niramay” for six months helped me very much and there is a notable difference too. Medicines have been stopped completely; due to which there is a drop in stress level too. Not only physically have I improved, mentally too I am becoming healthy. A BIG THANK YOU TO ‘NIRAMAY’ STAFF.

    Dr Mrs. Asmita Prabhune
  • I was suffering from a severe headache for the last few years. I had to take pain killers for this. On my son’s advice I joined “Niramay”. With the treatment at this institute by way of Natural medicines, Exercises, Internal Body cleansing etc my headache started reducing. Now after two years I can confidently say that my headache has stopped completely.

    Mrs. Beena Mande